Main Features

  • computer management of subscriptions and access cards
  • entrance is via turnstiles using access cards
  • system retains access cards or bracelets (in an electromechanical device) to be reused the next day
  • allow the issuance of different types of cards, prepaid subscriptions, fixed number of entries cards; bracelet shaped cards which can be returned at expiry
  • allow easy access for organized groups
  • the system allows the use of CCTV cameras connected to the access system to keep track of people entering the location (pictures and movies) – available for 60 days
  • application centralizes and calculates according to the amount of used cards the amount received (daily, weekly, etc.)
  • lockers are opened with the same card (bracelet) which applies to a single client locker room while they are inside the bath
  • when a locker is forced (it is tried to be opened ) the system alerts visualy and acouticaly and can record the event with CCTV cameras

Locker with electromagnetic lock

Locker with electromagnet
Lock for lockers with proximity readers included
Turnstile Acces
Silicone bracelets (different sizes and colors)

  • allows management of 5 zones of services: pool, sauna, treatment, fitness and restaurant
  • entries/exits in and from location through turnstiles equipped with proximity readers connected ON-LINE with the SPA software management
  • from SPA reception the client recieves the bracelet with limited access based on his choice in service packages
  • allows displaying (inside the locker room) the locker number on a bracelet validating device
  • allows fast access of organised groups
  • at access points it allows the use of a CCTV system synced with the access control system (for appropriate supervision of customers)
  • centralizes and calculates the income daily, weekly, monthly etc.
  • counts the number of sessions and services (subscriptions)
  • counts the time for every treatment session (minutes)
  • in restaurant the bill is pre-paid or it’s charged upon bracelet and then paid at the reception right before leaving
  • SPA management software can be incorporated with parking, hotel or restaurant management softwares produced by RESEL

  • allows controlled access inside location
  • allows full or partial automation of some procedures: subscriptions, loyalty programs, etc.
  • software customisation based on each SPA needs
  • real-time reports available for management at anytime and anywhere
  • the application centralizes and calculates the income daily, weekly, monthly etc.
  • the system retains at exit the cards and bracelets for next day use
  • allows full incorporation with hotel, parking or restaurant management systems produced by RESEL or third party companies